Medicine for those who

long to be their greatest self

by Cara Elizabeth

Animal Pharmacy is a toolbox for those who know they have a deep purpose yet feel lost
and unable to fully step into their greatest potential. For those that have an undeniable
feeling that screams of their ability to do something powerful yet feel trapped in a painful
and disempowering way of thinking. Animal Pharmacy is for anyone seeking to be who
they were called to be even though they don’t know exactly what that looks like.

The Animal Pharmacy Cartomancy package differs from all other oracle, animal spirit,
and tarot decks in its composition, its graphic and interpretive power, as well as its
purpose. It was born out of my own journey of overcoming trauma, of seeking my own
highest purpose—and finding it. Rather than divination or affirmation, its highest use is
to help others create their own future, to ultimately guide them to believing in
themselves, becoming who they were created to be, and fulfilling their purpose.