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Animal pharmacy is for anyone longing to step into their highest potential and fulfill their purpose, become their own shaman, and live the life they know deep down they are capable of. Animal Pharmacy is an innovative, unique 64 card deck and guide book used as a toolbox for becoming your greatest self. 


Animal Pharmacy is a powerful asset for anyone who has struggled in believing in themselves. The guidebook includes multiple comprehensive self-introspective sessions to use alongside the readings. The reading-sessions promote deep self-introspection and connect you to the answers you hold within. Allowing yourself to find the answers within is profoundly empowering as it starts to dissolve the victim mentality that something outside of you can fix yourself. Animal Pharmacy not only leads you on the journey of self-realization but allows you to see that your greatest challenges and difficulties can be transmuted into your greatest assets and achievements.


Animal Pharmacy is influenced by animal medicine, the I Ching, alchemical symbolism, esoteric philosophies, objective science, and Jungian analytical archetypes used for healing and aligning with one’s purpose.


Animal Medicine, practiced by the Indigenous peoples of North America teaches that animals appear throughout our lives to help us on our journey. By understanding the behavior, symbolism, and mythology of an animal, we can use this wisdom as a guide for self-discovery. Animal medicine is used to heal, empower and direct us on our true path.


Some cards in the deck coincide with the deep and meaningful teachings of the Chinese I Ching (Book of Changes). The I Ching is one of the oldest oracles in the world, with a history going back over 2,500 years. It is heavily influenced by Taoist philosophy and teaches one how to align with the harmony and flow of the universe by understanding and studying nature and the cosmos.

The Creator

Cara Elizabeth

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Cara Elizabeth is an artist who resides in Brooklyn. She received her Bachelor's degree from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a focus in Painting and her MFA in Experimental Animation from CalArts. She is a Baháʼí and grew up in a Baháʼí family, which fostered her search to independently investigate all spiritual teachings and the science of reality. 


Cara Elizabeth credits her decades of complex PTSD, due to childhood sexual trauma, as not only her greatest asset but what led to her creation of Animal Pharmacy. After very little success with healing from both western and alternative medical practices, Cara finally chose to no longer look outside of herself to fix what was broken, but, instead to go within and heal herself. This is how Animal Pharmacy was born.